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John Carter Edgar Rice Burroughs, an 1881-year-oldwho attends the funeral of his father John Carter. Carter was an ex- American Civil War Confederate Army Captain who passed away suddenly. Burroughs is given his journal by the attorney of Carter to Burroughs.

Carter instantly flashes back to the year 1868, when he was in Arizona Territory when the Union Colonel Powell is arrested.

Another Barsoom Barsoom is where the Red Martian cities Helium and Zodanga are at war for more than a thousand years. Sabthan is the Jeddak from Zodanga is armed with a unique weapon that he acquired from Matai Shang. He proposes an end to the war. He suggests that Dejah Thoris should be the Princess of Helium and ends the conflict. Carter aids the Princess and she escapes.

Dejah, Carter, and Tarkas’s daughter, Sola, find a place in a sacred stream to discover a way for Carter to go back to Earth. She provides Carter instructions regarding how to use the medallion in order to return to Earth. Carter is then taken captive by Shang who describes the role of Therns. They are a force that influences the civilisations of the world until their end and profit from the resources of the planet. They are planning to follow the same path with Barsoom and choose Sab Than as the planet’s ruler. This happens prior to Carter takes out Hajus. Hajus is now the chief of the Tharks.

The Thark army invades Helium and is defeated by the Zodangan army. Sab Than is killed. Shang must escape. Carter is made the prince of Helium through the union of Dejah. He throws the medallion. Shang briefly appears and confronts Carter to a fight. Carter appears to suddenly pass away and demands an unusual funeral arrangement.

Burroughs seems to be in the past, and is returning to the tomb of Carter with clues. Carter is wounded at the back by Burroughs when the gun is raised.


John Carter (2012) นักรบสงครามข้ามจักรวาล

John Carter 2012


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